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Welcome to the NEW AusPhotogaphy Anonymous Competitions


In the past, members have often raised the issue of wanting anonymous competitions, where members details are hidden, and entries stand alone on their quality.

We have been progressing towards Anonymous competitions for some time.

How it was achieved

With a huge deal of gratitude to Kym and over 12,000 lines of new code, a heap of testing by Kym as he developed the Anonymous Competition tool,
then some testing by moderators and members, Kym has managed to give us Anonymous Competitions. Kym developed this as a plug-in product for vbulletin software,
so we could feasibly offer this tool to other vbulletin sites. There was nothing available that performed this task prior to Kym writing it. So a very big thank you to Kym.

This change has meant our Competition Rules have had to change. The new Ausphotography Competition Entry Rules are linked below.
Seagate will soon begin working on the changes needed for the Seagate Seasons Summer Competition.

Photo of the Week (POTW) competition rules Photo of the Month competition rules
Saagate competition rules

[top]How to enter a Competition

This is where it all changes for members. To enter an anonymous competition there is no longer a thread you add your photo entry to.
You must use the new Competition menu that appears on the menu across the top of Ausphotography,
the number indicates how many competitions you are able to enter.

Once you click that menu, you will be presented with a screen where you can complete various fields to enter a competition.

On this screen you have several things you need to undertake:
  1. Use the radio buttons to chose a competition currently accepting entries to enter
  2. Find the entry on your computer to upload using the Browse button
  3. Click the upload button to begin the entry process

Entries are stripped of any EXIF data, and also are checked against size rules (250kb and 1024 pixels maximum)

You will then be presented with a confirmation screen

The confirmation screen lets you review your entry.
  1. Make sure you are entering the photo into the right competition
  2. Make sure the thumbnail is of the correct photo you wanted to enter
  3. Click Confirm to enter your photo, or Cancel to reject it.

Once you click Confirm, your entry is added to the competition entries. It can then only be removed by site administrator or moderator
If you click Cancel, your entry is rejected and you can start again.

Once entered, you will get another screen.

The anonymous competition tool confirms back to you that your entry was accepted, and also has a link to allow you to enter
another competition immediately. Otherwise continue to browse and interact on Ausphotography.

Note the following Rules may see you entry removed even after it is accepted by the automated tool:
  • Identifying information: Watermarks or any other identifying information is prohibited on competition entries, as this will bypass the Anonymous component of the competition.

  • Any photograph entered cannot have been posted anywhere on the Ausphotography site in the 30 days prior to the competition opening date.
    However, for full anonymity we encourage entering photographs that have not been posted to Ausphotography before.
    Photographs that have been on the site before should not be 'bumped' to bring them back to current discussion on the forums during the competition.

  • Any photo that breaches rules related to nudity/illegal drug use, as per both Ausphotography forum and competition rules.

  • Any other rule breach. Please refer to both Site Rules and Competition Rules.

If anyone has issues using the new Anonymous Competition method, please feel free a comment to this artcile, and we will assist as required.
Kym has worked hard, and listened to feedback to make the tool as user intuitive as possible.

We hope you enjoy this major change to Ausphotography and that anonymous competitions will encourage more competition participation.
Thanks to all those members who helped out with feedback and suggestions during the entire development process,
especially during the recent testing phases.
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