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We have an automated 'inactivity' status in place on the site. Ausphotography is primarily a forum, which by definition is a place of interaction. Therefore members who are active forum participants are rewarded with full access to all that Ausphotography has to offer. Those that choose not to actively post and contribute on the site are therefore not using the site in the way it is intended, and we then make the accounts 'inactive'. Inactive accounts lose access to many of the Ausphotography forums and our photography competitions. We encourage members to be active, and if they want full access to the site, then by being active posting members, they are rewarded with full site access.


All we do with an inactive account is restrict your access to parts of the site. Your account is not closed, and can be re-activated at any time, by you. When your account is made inactive, we email you, advising you of this change to your account. We also provide in the email, instructions on how to re-activate your account.

The 'inactive' cycle is a reducing one. So if your account is made inactive after 90 days of not posting to the site, and you get the email and re-activate your account, then stop posting again, the next time you go inactive is after you have not posted for 70 days. If you then post again to re-activate, and after 45 days you have not posted again, your account is made inactive. if you then post again to re-activate, and after 25 days have not posted again, your account is made inactive. This reducing timeframe continues, until you have to post everyday, to retain access. As you can see, we do give you your access back, but as Ausphotography is about interaction, you must remain an active, posting, contributor to the site to ensure your retain the privilege of being able to view and participate on the site. Eventually the inactive cycle reduces to daily.

Once an inactive account is re-activated, if you remain a posting contributor on a regular basis for 6 months, your inactive cycle is reset to 90 days.

We understand that sometimes people are not able to contribute, for a variety of reasons, often personal, therefore the task of re-activation is easy.


Re-activation is as easy as one single post to the site. Most of the site is unavailable to inactive members, but you do have access to many forums still. A single post to one of those forums will re-activate your account. So to get your access back, you have to start contributing!

The re-activation process can take up to 60 minutes. So once you post to the site, your access may not instantly be restored. It can take up to 1 hour for full access to all the site features to become available to you again.

To re-activate your account, you can post to any of the forums you can access.

* However : Site Matters : Out Of Focus : The Test Zone : Not for Critique will not re-activate your account
* Posting to : Introductions : Camera Lens Gear Talk : F Stop : and more, will re-activate your account


The only way to experience, enjoy and learn from all that Ausphotography has to offer, is to be a regular, active forum participant. Browsing, and not posting to the site, does not constitute 'active participation'. So please join in, and you will find Ausphotography has a lot to offer photographers of all experience levels, in a friendly environment, where we can share our photography, skills, experiences and appreciate those of other photographers. So pull up a chair and join in, what have you got to lose?
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