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This page is a chapter in the book Posting and Editing in the Library.


If you have post and edit rights (typically 30 days membership and 50 posts) then you may wish to create an article or edit an existing article.

Before you start we suggest reading the User Manual over at VaultWiki (the technology that powers the Library).

Secondly you should be familiar with the codes we have set-up for the Library (we use the term Library on AP not Wiki).

[top]Editing an article

The article tools are provided on the tab bar across the top of the article

The 'Edit' tab will show if you have edit rights, click that if you want to edit the article.

[top]Posting a new article

Library (use Wiki thinking) articles are posted in their appropriate sections (a.k.a. namespaces).

There are two ways to start an article:
  1. Click the (list) next to the section name (namespace) then the Post New Article button
  2. If you want the article to go into an Index (book) the click Add New Chapter and select 'Create New Chapter in:' and select the section you want (avoiding step 1)


The formatting codes allow you to style you page/edits in very creative ways.
One of the most useful tags is the header tag eg. [h=2]A heading[/h] where they cause a table of contents to be automatically created just like above.
Use levels 2...5 for nested Headers.
There are more detailed instructions in later chapters.


We also have namespaces (like forums) where things can be posted, your posting/edit rights may vary.

These are the current namespaces.
  • [book] Books (Top level pages that have been grouped as a book)
  • [gen] General Site Matters
  • [howto] AusPhotography How To
  • [ntp] New To Photography
  • [tute] Tutorials
  • [gear] Camera, Lens and Gear Reference
  • [tech] Technology
  • [sandpit] A play (test zone) area to try Library (wiki) posts edits

You can link to another article by tagging the page title.
Eg. for this page use [gen]How To Post and Edit A Library Article[/gen]
and [ntp]Learning Plan Details[/ntp] giving Learning Plan Details
or [book]New to Photography Book[/book] giving New to Photography Book

Normal site BBcode also works. So URLs IMGs etc can be used as well.


We recommend that categories put put at the end of each article.
Eg. this page has [category]How To[/category] at the end of the text.
You can have more than one category tag and they will be auto-formatted to the bottom of the page.

[top]Indexes a.k.a. Books

Most pages in the library will end up being part of a Index (ValutWiki calls these books).
Please read the manual to work out how to do this or ask a moderator.
Indexes can be nested which gives a nested chapter effect.

An index must exist in the [book] namespace, as does any nested index.
Importantly: The leaf level pages (articles/chapters) can be in any normal namespace.
The index summaries should be kept short and the details be kept in the leaf level pages (articles/chapters).


Certain pages maybe protected, your ability to edit these pages will be restricted.

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Posting Permissions

Posting Permissions
  • You may not create new articles
  • You may not edit articles
  • You may not protect articles
  • You may not post comments
  • You may not post attachments
  • You may not edit your comments