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This page is a chapter in the book Site Matters and General Articles Index.
I thought it might be beneficial to create one thread, for members to refer to, to find out information about the way the site runs, how to do things etc.
If you have a suggestion about something that could be added to this thread, please feel free to raise it with me.

So here it is, it will be added to and expanded to ensure it contains as much information as possible, Click on each issue below to find the relevant answer thread.

Site Matters and how aspects of the site work

Getting Started on Ausphotography: A guide for those who have just joined the site

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the site software. How to post threads etc

The Rules that apply to being a member of Ausphotography

The Rules about posting Classifieds Advertisements

How to link your photos into Ausphotography threads

How to resize photographs for uploading to Ausphotograpy

Site policy on 're-working' other members photographs

How our Competition process works

How to link competition entires into general posts

How to choose and change how the site appears in your browser, using our site 'Skins"

Meet fellow Ausphotography members in your city/town

Want to contact the Administrator or a Moderator?

Learning and Tutorials

New to Photography - A great place for those just starting out in Photography to start learning

Tutorials on a variety of photographic topics

Post Processing Help: Post your own question or look at the solutions given to other members requests

AusPhotography Guide to Safer Computing

Constructive Criticism

Want a guide on how to critique other members photographs?

Critiquing techniques for beginners : How to

Our Hardcore critiquing, when you want extensive opinions on your photo

Supporting Ausphotography

Support Ausphotography, buy some Ausphotography branded gear in our SHOP

Want to support Ausphotography by purchasing from our Site advertisers?

Meet fellow Ausphotography members in your city/town


Quick site navigation hints...
  • Click 'Forum' in the top menu bar to see all forums
  • Click a Forum then 'New Thread' to start a new thread
  • Click 'New Posts' to see the latest goings on, then click on the thread or the triangle to find latest unread post in that thread
  • Click 'Post Reply' to reply to a thread
  • Click 'Quote' to reply to a post with a quoted copy of the post
  • Click 'Quick Links' and either 'My Posts' or 'My Threads' to find your own stuff
  • Use the Search when you need to
  • Read the all the sticky threads in this Site Matters forum
  • Read the FAQ
  • The breadcrumb menu can be useful eg. » Ausphotography:: Australia's Premier Photography Forum:: » .:General:.

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