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11-02-2012, 1:04pm
I'm starting to get into some car photography & was hoping some people could help me out with good locations in & around Sydney. I'm in the Inner West, but willing to travel for good locations.

Not interested in "pretty" locations, more industrial type areas & preferably places you're not hassled by *removed - read site rules 3-7, in particular rule 3 : admin *


11-02-2012, 2:48pm
the old Gladesville hospital has some good spots around it. maybe head out to some of the 'industrial' areas around Auburn/Lidcombe.
unfortunately, these types of locations are getting harder to find/access close to the city where the really worn out Victorian styl heritage is. Unless you consider going further, like Lithgow and beyond. check this site out- http://www.filmcentralnsw.com/film_tv_nsw_home.shtml

11-02-2012, 4:04pm
...Not interested in "pretty" locations, more industrial type areas & preferably places you're not hassled by nazi security 2 minutes after arriving!


Can't help, I'm not in Sydney, but unfortunately the best way is to go look for them yourself! They come and go at the blink of an eyelid and you really need to just keep looking.

I'd suggest you look around old industrial areas built before the 80's-90's, not the new ones that are all concrete tilt slab, glass and all the colours of the rainbow.

This might help, as a general guide to cars and locations, http://photocornucopia.com/1024.html .


11-02-2012, 11:50pm
Hi mate just look around your local area. Its amazing what back drops ypu can find. This was 5 min from home in a shopping area.

12-02-2012, 12:16am
Thanks guys. All good info. Particularly loving photocornucopia.com. Fantastic shots & info on there. Much appreciated :th3: How long have you been shooting John? I hope to 1 day be taking shots 1/2 as good as those.

I'm quickly learning that locations don't last long & are best scouted myself! I know what I'm doing tomorrow...