View Full Version : "Phew !!"

07-02-2012, 5:53pm
Hi guys , Back on line again, Had a stressfull couple of days with Pooter Problems, Could'nt even upload to our Website :eek: After a motherboard upgrade last week , With new chip and Ram and burner , On monday around midday it chucked a Hissy Fit big time , Lost evrything that was'nt backed up , Emails , Links to servers , everything !! All my Customisation settings , Fitted a new Power supply , Ran Seagate Hard drive tests , At least the hard drive was OK , Windows file corruption test , Ended up the Ram board was faulty , We think :rolleyes: Anyway , No wonder a bloke has a drink :lol: Hope alls well now - Bill

07-02-2012, 6:55pm
Oh dear! And I thought it was tough cos I need a new monitor.

07-02-2012, 7:57pm
:D A new harddrive and I have a brand new computer :rolleyes: Oh Except the box :lol2:

PS : Got good service , Upgrade http://ark.intel.com/products/53480 kit fitted $250, New power supply diagnostics done $25 ,From http://www.ftc.com.au/

07-02-2012, 8:45pm
Damn - I not long had to replace my motherboard. Fortunately I did not lose a thing and all my images are backed up at the time of uploading them to the PC.... sadly I learned this the hard way though.