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07-02-2012, 10:48am
To Brisbane northside locals...

I have a client wanting model portfolio photographs of herself. She lives in Morayfield and is without transport so I agreed to visit that side of town and do a photoshoot somewhere.

Can anyone suggest any good locations for a model shoot in that area? It doesn't have to be discreet and does not necessarily have to be a "pretty" location, as sometimes the back of an industrial building can be an interesting background. However I don't know the area at all (southsider). We don't have any specific requirement, except to produce some decent model shots.

So any suggestions would be great. Would also potential save me needing to scout the area beforehand.

I've asked her about potential sites, but she is new to the area as well, so doesn't really know.


07-02-2012, 1:13pm
There is the lakes in the middle of town, with plenty of trees to use as back drops. If you're lucky they'll have the aerator (fountain) going too. At the back of Morayfield shopping centre there is a train line, there might be some graffiti up on walls of buildings alongside the track. Scout it out.

07-02-2012, 9:05pm
Hi Ged, like jjjnettie said there is Centenary Lakes in Caboolture, it is on the Morayfield Caboolture road, heading towards Caboolture. it is on the left. you can not miss it. and if you do not mind a small drive, there is Bribie Island and Redcliffle areas. :food04::) ian(aka pappa smurf:costumed70:)

17-02-2012, 7:27pm
There is also Caboolture Historical Village. It has old buildings as well as some turn of the century machinery.
I did a wedding shoot there and it all came out well.


18-02-2012, 9:24am
Thanks for your advice everyone. Unfortunately, my client was a no-show, but I got to spend a lot of time in Centenary Lakes scouting good photo spots. I'll have to check out the historical village next time too.

14-01-2013, 9:07am
For anyone interested in shooting in the Caboolture area.....................


31-01-2013, 10:45am
i am in caboolture for the next week and a half if your interested :food04::) ian(aka pappa smurf:costumed70:)