View Full Version : Very short notice -- Laratinga Sat AM -- birds

27-01-2012, 6:38pm
I'm planning on being at Laratinga (Mt Barker) at around 8:00-8.30am for a few hours to take bird pics

I'll Park at the Bald Hills road car park. Call me Zero Four Three Eight 014 007 when you get there


27-01-2012, 7:06pm
I'm in the Riverland so need a bit more notice but will try to make the next one. Also, my camera only arrived today so still working out how to drive the thing :lol:

27-01-2012, 7:24pm
Thanks for the invite.
Unfortunately I am working.
Hopefully next time I will be able to make it.
Regards, Brett.

27-01-2012, 7:41pm
Sorry can't make it Kym. Thanks for invite.

27-01-2012, 9:21pm
Thanks for the invitation Kym but unfortunately I'm working tomorrow. Hope to catch up another time.

Kind regards,

28-01-2012, 12:51pm
Sorry, cant make it as getting kids ready for school etc. Will try for next time and will visit Laratinga as well as soon as possible.

Ms Monny
28-01-2012, 2:53pm
Might be able to make it....near enough to home!!

Ms Monny
28-01-2012, 2:56pm
Whoops....just saw this now and afterwards read that is was THIS MORNING!! Sorry!!

28-01-2012, 4:24pm
Hi, Thanks for invite.
I take photo for chinatown streetparty today for SA chinese photography society.
Try next times.


Dylan & Marianne
28-01-2012, 7:38pm
umm, I just got a whole bunch of emails from a full mailbox! sorry if people were trying to get something through - I just emptied it - hopefully the meet went well :)

30-01-2012, 9:22am
Ha. what a coinidence - meeting you there with out viewing this message. Got some good shots of the birds there. How did you fare??

30-01-2012, 7:54pm
Didn't see this until now... Was out camping near Blanchetown for a long weekend so didn't see it. Hope you guys had a good time.