View Full Version : SDGC/SD MMC to compact Flash adapter

12-01-2012, 9:11pm
When one goes from one brand to another the memory cards always clashes.Well here i am with a fist full of SDHC cards from my Pentax (Which I still use ) to a Nikon which uses CF .

Has anyone use these adapter and please comment if you have experience no issues

on ebay item number 140656902215


12-01-2012, 9:36pm
I also looked into this solution to capitalise on my stash of SD cards.

I was worried about the transfer speeds slowing too much, so instead of going with an adapter, I chose to source some cheap fast CF cards.

How much capacity do you require?

if it's say 8 or 16 gigs, I'd recommend getting a very fast cheap 16G CF card.

if you are close to an MSY store, step into it and have a look for a 'Patriot'(brand) LX series CF card. They are supposedly 600x speed rated and I don't doubt their claim.

Immensely fast on my D300(I have the 8G version) and the camera buffer limit is reached long before the card's speed limit is. Within a sec or two(with 24 odd images waiting to clear) the card is once again ready for another high speed burst.

I know that this is the more expensive option(I reckon about $100 odd), I still think that I'll be the better long term option.
If you stick to Nikon gear (with an updated body in the future) they have plans to change from CF cards to the new XQD card type, so you'd want to do a wholesale change then.

CF is coming up to the end of it's life.