View Full Version : PK_Tether 0.6.0 (all new version)

01-01-2012, 8:32pm
I know PK_Tether has been writter about elsewhere, but there is a new version.

This is the correct link to the software from the developers site (Tomasz Koz) http://www.pktether.com/
Download directly from his Download Page

This is what Tomasz wrote on his blog

- reworked User Interface – panels can be switch on/off
- reworked communication with camera
- added and fixed some functiona lities
- added function for activating/deactivating debug mode in camera
It was tested by few people with different equipment and I received very good opinions, especially about stability. Some long term test was done on K20, K5 and K7 with more than 1000 photos in series for each – purpose was checking battery power consumption during tethering.

The layout is different, settings are now on the right along with the addition of periodic shooting and bulb mode (when the camera is in bulb mode)

the first thing I tried was to do a bulb shoot beyond 30sec default. I secessful did a 1min shoot, but it doesn't get around the double time in camera processing. So a 1min shoot takes 2mins to show up.

The only problem I have found so far (I have commented on Tomasz's blog)
Is with high speed shooting, it locks up my camera and causes errors with the USB drivers.

Other than that I am most happy with this new version.

Image from PK_Tether.com