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22-12-2011, 12:16pm
Hi guys, new to the site. I recently picked up a 2nd hand A200 with the standard kit lens. I'm enjoying the camera very much (upgraded from a Minolta Dimage A200 fixed lens camera) and loving the freedom of features.

I'm wanting to get another lens, something wider for better landscapes/senic photos. As I'm starting out, not after top of the line lens at this stage, just something a bit wider for the APS-C format, any recommendations on make / mm to get a nice perspective for sunsets/rises, beach/bush shots etc?

Thanks in advance.


22-12-2011, 5:15pm
Which lens have you got? the standard kit lens is 18-70mm which should be plenty wide enough.
If not a friend of mine has a Sigma 10-20mm (Sony mount) seems to take some nice photos.

A 35mm prime will take some nice landscape pictures as well and be cheaper than the Sigma.

22-12-2011, 11:36pm
Sorry, should have gotten specific with the lens. Yep, it's the 18-70mm that I have. Will have to get out there and see if I'm happy with the perspective at the 18mm end, seems a little narrow for me....but I haven't tried a good landscape with it yet so time will tell :)

26-12-2011, 8:52pm

Welcome aboard. I've got an 11-16mm f2.8 Tokina that I'm very happy with if that helps.

Bear in mind though that once you get into the ultra wide angle lenses you get more distortion.

A technique I also use a lot for landscapes is to take several shots and stitch them together in photoshop or, in my case Kolor autopano. This technique also works if you shoot in portrait orientation

31-12-2011, 1:34am
My spare camera is an A200 and it did a trip around Europe very admirably before I upgraded to an 850 full-frame. I kept the 200 though as it is very handy for those times when I don't want to drag the big sucker around.

I have a Sigma 10-20 for the 200 and the images are brilliant. It equates to about a 16mm wide angle on 35mm body, which gives some fantastic distorted proportions in the right situation and at the other end of the zoom it is just a nice moderate wide angle. Mine spends most of its time at about 12-15mm.

You can get them now for a bit over $500 I think. Good value.