View Full Version : Pocket Wizard and TT5 soft box mount

20-12-2011, 3:22pm
Has anyone discovered a cheap(ish) way of mounting a 580 EXII flash on a pocket wizard TT5 so that it fires through a soft box...or a soft box that has a bracket that enables this? The problem is that when a 580ExII is mounted on a TT5 and onto a standard soft box bracket, it raises the flash too high to shoot cleanly through the centre of the SB. I know Kacey in the US has a modified bracket, but this appears to be quite expensive and not very straight-forward. Any advice on a bracket or suitable softbox would be appreciated. best regards.

JM Tran
20-12-2011, 3:37pm
this ebay seller sells umbrella type softboxes which can be opened up and mounted easily with a holder on a flash