View Full Version : Dell 2709 16x10 monitor...still looks shocking after calibration

19-12-2011, 8:25pm
Hi all...Im interested if anyone has a Dell 2709W ultrasharp monitor , I've just picked one up used and even after calibration using a spyder pro it still looks terrible..... particularly reds... I bought a used one as I wanted a CF card reader and a 16x10 display..they are very hard to buy new now..seems 16x9 is the go...

JM Tran
19-12-2011, 8:35pm
hey there, did u set the colours to CUSTOM? What are your monitor settings currently and what settings did you use in the Spyder software during calibration?

I need to know more details before I can give you further advice.

19-12-2011, 8:48pm
hey Jm

ok...I tried it in custom RGB....and it looked terrible..Ive just done it again using s RGB profile and it looks better to my eye...

as for the setting of the spyder...just ran the program and clicked yes when prompted...LOL.....I had the rgb sliders ticked and the grayscale..but not the ambient setting also didn't use the sucker..just hung it in its position....I did a factory reset before each calibration when using either the custom RBG or the sRGB settings

19-12-2011, 10:29pm
If reds are looking particularly bad, I'm wondering what colourspace your images are set too in your software?
Or is the bad red colour a general observation of the monitor as a whole irrespective of what it is you're looking at?

if it is images that you are viewing and they're set to aRGB, and your monitor is not fully aRGB capable(sorry don't know anything about this Dell 2709 monitor) then this may be a problem.

20-12-2011, 1:24am
no its the whole monitor use..although now I've set it to sRGB then calibrated that setting its much better...I created a colour profile using the spyder..I can set the printer to use said profile..but my images are nothing like displayed of the screen..nowhere as bright etc ..im starting to see why so many people have issues in this area ..printer is a Epson 2100

20-12-2011, 7:36am
I found this site (http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/article_pages/what_is_colour.html) which has a whole lot of articles on colour management (scroll down). Have you checked the Library pages here on AP as well?

20-12-2011, 8:37am
yes ive looked at the threads on AP..thanks for the link..its early days as far as printing goes for me..but im hopeful i can get it sorted ...

what I cant work out is why I can get different results using the spyder in either custom RGB or the sRGB...I thought calibration was to make sure everyone's monitor looked the same when viewing the same image...whereas I can get two totally different results using the same monitor !

20-12-2011, 8:59am
just had a quick read of your link..great read..Ill have a good look when I get home from work...cheers for that :)