View Full Version : Alright... I'm b a c k!

19-12-2011, 7:09pm
Grreeetttiiinnggssss everyone!

I'm back.. anyone still remember me? And how did you guys go in 2011? I was busy with my personal stuff, had some trouble with university works, family, financial and health issues.. not been very good but I'm glad that I'm alright now! :party7:

To make it up, I make a promise to myself that I'll start a 365 challenge for 2012! I don't wanna fall too behind with all of you.

Hope to hear from you guys around.

Cheers! :xmas31:

19-12-2011, 7:14pm
How's the weather? It's not too hot in vic!

19-12-2011, 7:51pm
Welcome back. Post photos in the critique forums, for feedback