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14-12-2011, 1:46pm
Just auto updat via web to the new camera raw 6.6

Interesting feature is that in
Camera Calibration and camera profile there is a number of extra function

D2x mode 1 v4
D2x mode 2 v4
D2x mode 3 v4
camera landscape v4
camera neutral v4
camera portrait v4
camera standard v4
camera vivid v4

Ant one to comment as i have found that there is a slight difference in each


29-04-2012, 8:17pm
anyone :0

29-04-2012, 9:19pm
I don't know which version of camera raw I have, but I can't see the point in Adobe trying to emulate Nikon's profiles.

In my experience they've never looked anything like how Nikon software renders the same images.

They'd be better off not trying to emulate the Nikon way and use their own terminology.

It's kind of confusing in that you'd expect that they're going to be the same(as the Nikon picture Control settings).

I'm not 100% sure what comments you're expecting cupic.

Are they different to Nikon's profiles in Nikon software, or are they different to the v3 versions, or each v4 profile different to each other :confused013

05-09-2012, 1:04pm
The same camera profiles (landscape, standard, portrait etc) are available in Lightroom 3 I use. The software detects the camera used, and loads up the right camera profiles.

They basically emulate what the in-camera presets do. (I use Canon and I am referring to their "Picture Styles".) This means it also emulates what the camera manufacturer's dedicated software (DPP for Canon) does to the RAW image if you shot the photo with a particular Picture Style turned on. this makes it easier to transition from the camera's in-house software to Adobe, if you are use to using these profiles.

I actually find them sort of handy.