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10-12-2011, 9:49am
Hi Folks,
I am venturing into the world of strobe and have 1 x SB700.
You know how you can control the flash output from the camera, well can I do this with any of the 3rd party flash units floating about?
I only ask this because I want another couple of speedlights but its friggin' hard finding used SB600, 700, etc at reasonable prices.

10-12-2011, 10:13am
Fredo, yeah, no

The cheaper units normally don't have the built in proprietary wireless system.
You can try the new Sigma EF610 DG Super - has to be the super model though, they will work on the Canon system, and I think they run with the Nikon as well.
Some of the Nissen models I think also claim to work with the built in wireles.

Ahhh, one last thought, have a look at the YN-565 from Yongnuo, they claim it will work with the Canon, never investigated the Nikon

10-12-2011, 10:15am
not sure Fred..but the SB 700 can be had for $325 from DWI.. that's the best price ive seen and generally better than most used prices.

if you want to use three flashes using the CLS on the D300, you wont be able to control the output separately on all of them, as you can only control A & B using the camera..another route might be a cheaper radio trigger and some cheap basic flashes

I @ M
10-12-2011, 10:16am
my recommendation would be to use 3rd party flashes and wireless triggers with everything set to manual control.
One or two more flashes and a set of trigger / receivers will cost substantially less than the genuine flash units and will allow you to gain a better understanding of lighting and ratios etc.
After all, the majority of studio work is done that way, just with different monobloc heads. Once you have an understanding of controlling the lights and using them creatively I feel that you will ultimately get better results than the semi "auto" approach that the Nikon system gives even though it is a very handy way of doing off camera flash work outdoors or when you don't have a "studio" environment.

Have a look through the yongnuo range of speedlights, modifiers and triggers at site sponsor Protog, Hypop and Fotogenic for starters to get an idea of what is available and pricing.


10-12-2011, 10:48am
Thanks Blokes.
I will be using them in manual but its the idea of being able to change output settings of the flash, from the camera, that appeals to me.

10-12-2011, 11:30am
you can two flashes via the sb-800 for example, or three I think using the su-800

I would think that the new Pocket Wizards with ETTL would be able to manage multiple as well

10-12-2011, 1:25pm
you could use your sb 700 as master and run some Metz 50 af1's as slaves. the metz are good flashes, at least equal to the nikons, they support i-ttl etc. and i've seen them for as low as $245 grey, so why buy cheap manual only flash + radio controllers, which would end up costing more than a quality metz unit

10-12-2011, 2:05pm
you can two flashes via the sb-800 for example, or three I think using the su-800

I would think that the new Pocket Wizards with ETTL would be able to manage multiple as well

Yes 3 groups with the SU-800, also see if the SB-700 does the same as master on camera, although that eats up one of your off camera strobes and is a bit of a waste to use it as master. I own a fleet of SB-900's and so not sure what the SB-700 can do as master. I also have the Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units which give remote power control using FEC, and further control over separate strobe units on different groups can be had by adding the AC3 on top of the MiniTT1 in the hot shoe.

There are plenty of SB-600's used on the US market for sub-US$200 in excellent cond, which I would have thought cheap enough...

If you want to play with the Pocket Wizard gear, let me know and I can meet up with you in Bris at some point and you can see how good they are.

10-12-2011, 4:58pm
Very generous offer Wayne.
I do have 4 X Yongnuo triggers on their way but thanks for the offer.
Found a couple of Yongnuo 560's for about $50 each but the seller is mucking me around.