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22-11-2011, 1:43am
The latest photoshop video tutorial showing how I convert images to black and white. Also features some other editing techniques.


I @ M
22-11-2011, 7:51am
Leigh in a similar vein to your last tutorial; I really feel that this one would be far more beneficial if it was done with an image that had the time spent composing and exposing a subject that you started out with the intention of being a black and white study instead of "rescuing" a photo that by your own words is "not that great".
Photoshop (or any software) should NOT be the answer to inadequate planning or poor technique.

23-11-2011, 9:28pm
i think the techniques used to supposedly rescue the image is what the tutorial is about. i dont know what kind of a camera others have but mine cant adjust the colour channels at the time of shooting. so i say good tutorial and this method ( 1 of 100's) does do a nice conversion if others care to give it a go

23-11-2011, 10:21pm
The point that Zollo is making is still nevertheless the crux of the matter, viz: the illustration of techniques. I think the OP's words were just a bit of light banter to help the presentation. As such I think it's still a quite useful tutorial, and I certainly didn't know some of the stuff shown here.

On the presentation, Leigh, the audio sounded rather bass on my monitor speaker system, and I'm wondering if you can do something to "sweeten" the audio a tad. It sounded like it was done in a room, with some echo discernible.

15-07-2012, 5:51pm
It is actually quite mesmerizing watching Leigh paint and change images... I think in a trance like state I may have to re-visit this one as I was watching it more like a movie than a tutorial...oh well...