View Full Version : Pentax K200D and Sigma EF 530 ST Flash

13-11-2011, 8:46pm

I'm having trouble getting my sigma flash to work on my camera. I used it once for a party about a year ago and then when I tried it a month later it would not work and hasn't since. Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried all the camera settings I can think of and the flash will flash if I press the test button.

I am taking it to a repairer this week for a diagnosis but was just curious if anyone had any tips or maybe I'm missing something completely obvious.


13-11-2011, 10:32pm
Have seen the problem on another K200D. A member of my camera club had a K200D where the hot shoe wouldn't work. He'd never used it and had just received a Metz unit from B&H and was worried that the flash was dead out of the box. We tried the Metz on my K10D and my Sigma flash on his K200D. All flashes worked on the K10D, none on the K200D. He was going to get it repaired, not sure of the outcome. I'd RTFM just to be sure before taking it in for repair though :)

24-11-2011, 7:50pm
Just following up on this in case anyone else has this problem - I took my camera and flash to a reputable dealer, had both tested and found the problem was with the hot shoe on my K200D - may be a problem with this model camera not sure, but can be fixed for $100 - $150.