View Full Version : 'Lion" and update for Eye-one display 2

02-11-2011, 11:22pm
I have an iMac and have just download "Lion". have eye-one Display 2 calibration device. The software that comes with the eye-one Display 2 "Eye-one Match "is not compatible with 'Lion" . My numerous request for information/support has been met with silence.

When I googled in relation to an upgrade for Lion - information re a Beta version iIProfilerD2LionEdition came to light. This I downloaded as well as the information in relation to this. The information in this the iIProfilerD2LionEdition is a hit and miss possibility for calibration.

No steps are given how to use this software with the Eye-one Display calibration device.

Has anybody out there have the same issues as I have? Or if you have worked things out, be grateful for some step by step advice to a very non-technical person.

thank you


27-11-2011, 8:16am
It's an awful, clumsy, frankenstein of a program, from what I've heard.

I understand it's sort of similar to the software with the new ColorMunki Design, so maybe these instructions might give you a vague guide? http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/reviews/profiling/colormunki_display.html