View Full Version : Visiting SA 26th Oct-30th Oct

25-10-2011, 11:23am
I (and hubby) will be visiting Adelaide between the above dates. We will have a hire car from Saturday morning to travel up and around Barossa round the Handorff etc. Can someone suggest a good place for a sunset shoot on Saturday (with some good foreground interest)?

Thanks heaps.


26-10-2011, 11:14pm
Not sure if it helps much, but I have only done a sunset on the beach with a jetty ...Noarlunga, Brighton and Glenelg. Jetty road in Glenelg may be a nice place, little closer if you are staying in the CBD (nice for dinner too).
We went out the other night for a sunset and it was a real poor show, hope it is better for you. :)
Have a good time in Adelaide hope you get to see lots.
cheers, Rosemary