View Full Version : nikon r1 speedlight

23-10-2011, 7:12pm
Hi guys I have recently purchased an r1 speedlight to go with my d300s and micro nikkor 105/2.8. I am having trouble getting the flash to operate have followed as far as I know all instructions any ideas?

thanks KEL

23-10-2011, 7:16pm
tell what settings you are putting it on especially shutter speed

I @ M
23-10-2011, 7:20pm
When you say having troubles getting it to operate, do you mean that it doesn't work at all or only works sometimes?

23-10-2011, 7:22pm
The r1 needs to be setup wirelessly. You need to ensure the group setting on the flash matches that in your menu. Have a look at the Nikon Digitutor site : http://www.nikondigitutor.com/index_eng.html