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23-10-2011, 2:04pm
Hi all when I half click my shutter button on my Nikon D7000 the number of available pics e.g [128] disappears and is replaced with [r 10] what does r 10 mean please. Camera is set to Aperture priority, ISO 100, F11, AF-S is that helps at all.


23-10-2011, 2:06pm
I think you will find that is the number of shots that can fit in your buffer.
128 would be jpgs\'s and r would be raw, are you shooting in RAW ??

23-10-2011, 2:19pm
yep its the buffer, after you suggested that I went and changed the settings from Fine > Normal > Basic and the r10 value increased as the image quality decreased and yes it was set to Fine+Raw

Thanks for that.

23-10-2011, 7:15pm
There is a Custom Setting Menu item where you can alter the number of shots in continuous mode(in RAW too).

The CSM menu item will be d7m and it's called Max continuous release.

If you set it to (say) 3, then the buffer reading will then indicate r3, if you set it to 9 it will change to r9 .. etc.

If d7 is already set too 100, and the buffer is indicating r10, then this is obviously the upper limit.

D300 shows r17 at 100.