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16-10-2011, 2:15pm
Directions: (from Hobart) Tasman Highway, Arthur Highway, Pirates Bay Drive.

Map: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?msid=211533746277078754201.0004af617d17e2787d733&msa=0&ll=-43.005275,147.931724&spn=0.023098,0.038581&t=m&z=15&vpsrc=6

Access: 100% bitumen, all vehicles. Carparking is available on Pirates Bay Drive, opposite the Lufra Hotel. A dirt walking track (approx. 400m) takes you down to the tessellated pavement at the waters edge.

Distance and time from Hobart: 80km, 1-1.5hrs depending on traffic.

Description: A large, flat ledge of rock extending approximately 80m from the shoreline. The ledge consists of a large number of rectangular rock formations being either concave (the majority) or convex. The visibility of these rock formations are dependent on the tides.

Sunrise shots can be magnificent due to the morning colours reflecting off the water trapped in the concave depressions of the pavement (hence a falling tide is possibly the best time to plan your visit), however the sun is only unobstructed from early November through to early February, due to a headland curving around to the north east of the pavement and an offshore island. There is a small window in both mid October and late February where the sun strikes the pavement between the headland and the island, which could make for an interesting photo.

Waves striking the edge of the pavement can create a great backdrop to the tessellated pavement in the foreground.

A lot of care should be taken when walking on the tessellated pavement as it can be extremely slippery!

Features: Sunrise, tessellated pavement, breaking waves.

Web Cam: None

Security: General care should be taken to either remove or cover valuables in your parked vehicle.

16-10-2011, 2:18pm
Looking east...


Looking south-south east...


I've only been the one time to the tessellated pavement, so additional tips and photos would be appreciated!