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03-10-2011, 8:24am
Hi all,
Sorry for the Noob question, butI was lucky enough to borrow my dad's Canon 60mm 2.8 EFS USM, along with his Tokina SD 11-16 2.8 IF DX (which I believe is a wide angle lens) yesterday for a while. Had a very quick play with it last night and am starting to learn how to use it. My question is, do I use it in Macro mode on the camera, or do I use full manual or another setting?
Any help appreciated.

03-10-2011, 12:01pm
You could use it in macro mode but the Tokina is a wide angle lens so should be used in one of the following - Auto, Program, App Priority, Shutter Priority or manual. It depends on how much you use these on the camera. The Auto mode is the best place to learn as it tries to make the best photo that it thinks it can (yeah I know a camera isn't a living thing) and the other setting require you to understand what you are trying to acheive out of the photos you take.

Question to ask though - do you know what to set the camera at when taking the photo? If you are new to DSLR settings this does require some training in setting up a camera for a shot.

Rather than ramble on - if you are not familiar with the camer then I suggest starting in Auto Mode and see what you get. Good luck and post some shots.

03-10-2011, 1:09pm
Hi Rene,
that's what I was asking really. The Canon macro lens I got, should I put the camera in manual, auto, P, AV, TV....? I haven't played with the Tokina yet, as I only got both lenses last night.

03-10-2011, 4:47pm
Sorry I was not really sure what you wanted. I do not use any other settings than Manual (I know what my camera can do and how to adjust the APP and SHUTTER when I take a photo) but if you are not sure or need to take that shot very quickly then I would suggest either AUTO mode or APP priority with an app of at least F11. This should give you a reasonable DOF (Depth Of Field - most of the macro item should be in focus).

William W
04-10-2011, 4:27pm
Regarding Canon Cameras:

I believe you are referring to the CAMERA MODES which you have available to use. (The big dial on the top left of the camera.)

The “Macro Mode” to which you refer is probably the icon of the FLOWER? - and is in the BASIC CAMERA MODE section.

If you use this “flower Icon” CAMERA MODE, the EF-S 60/2.8 will work OK, but you will neither have control over the Aperture (and thus the resultant Depth of Field) nor the Shutter Speed, as the camera will choose those for you.

The other CAMERA MODES like: “P”, “M”, Tv” and “Av” are in the “CREATIVE ZONE” of the Camera Modes, and these will each allow you control over the Shutter Speed and the Aperture.

“M”, Manual Mode, will allow you the most direct control over both Aperture and Shutter Speed..


04-10-2011, 6:25pm
Thanks William. SO what you are saying is just dive in the "deep end" and have a play with things? Seems harmless enough! (Famous last words...)

William W
04-10-2011, 6:36pm
That is a most articulate interpretation of my meaning. Yes - I doubt you will do any damage jumping in at the deep end . . . have fun doing so.