View Full Version : Image ######## URL: a norti word?

15-09-2011, 3:59pm
Just noticed an oddity in this post:


The significant portion of the URL for Image ########## (which is those two words concatenated) gets replaced by hash symbols.

I cannot see any profanity in that sequence of letters.

Has the ability to link to that site been specifically disabled?

JM Tran
15-09-2011, 4:05pm
I noticed that when I wrote the link, interesting:)

15-09-2011, 5:53pm
Rick added it to the naughty list when a bunch of people seemed to be promoting that site in contravention to the non-commercial rules (i.e. without an advertising contract).
It was easier than moderating posts at that time :cool:

15-09-2011, 6:15pm
Actually I added it after the owner of that store, repeatedly joined AP (4 times) to promote his site and products. Every time I asked him to discuss advertising with me and he refused. So I placed the name of his store on the banned word list as I felt he didn't deserve promotion on AP, when he was not willing to pay to advertise, when other advertisers were.

I will not be disabling the blocking of it, and after previous attempts to get him to advertise and the responses I received from him, I would be refusing any attempt by him to advertise on the site in future. Politeness is a skill he lacks!

JM Tran
15-09-2011, 6:18pm

15-09-2011, 7:04pm
Thanks guys.

I had a feeling the issue may relate to past behaviour in relation to that company. Fair enough, too.

Heh; I've noticed since posting this thread that the name of the company has also been given some treatment. ;-)