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13-09-2011, 3:41pm
I hope I'm not repeating a thread but I'm hoping on some advice on night time skyline pics. I have a Canon 1000D and will be in New York in 3 weeks and was hoping to get some good night pics (top of Empire State bldg etc). Is the night setting on the cam,era fine or is there better settings I could use. I doubt I will have a tripod as not keen on lugging one around.


13-09-2011, 4:28pm
You really need to use a tripod, and it's likely they won't let you, or maybe a monopod. It doesn't matter what camera you have, what matters is getting enough light onto the sensor at night time, so having your camera on something sturdy is a must as you will probably have long shutter speeds.

13-09-2011, 10:41pm
Hi BigBad, as you have a fairly light camera my advice is to go with the Manfrotto Modo which is a very light tripod and is quite compact when retracted. I highly recommend buying a remote switch as you might be using Bulb mode for those long exposures. Read up your camera manual for a custom function called "Mirror Lockup". Using this function in low light will help you achieve sharper night shots. Since you've got several weeks before going to New York. I would advise "Practice, Practice and then Practice some more".

14-09-2011, 7:02am
If you don't have a tripod, you need to find something hard and stable to put your camera on for night shots. Night photography for a good exposure involves longer shutter speeds (exposure times), from 1 second up to 30 seconds or more. If your camera moves at all during the exposure, you will get a blurry result. So if you are not going to have a tripod, do NOT hand hold your camera, find something solid to rest it on, and use it.

Night mode will get you some good shots, but between now and then, go out and practice, good photography is about understanding your camera features and settings and using them. With night mode you will get good photos, but what if you want something different to the result on the LCD?

Practice, Practice, Practice..between now and then

Try manual mode : ISO 100, Aperture about f14 and smaller (bigger number), Shutter speed, start at 5 seconds. Take a shot, review on LCD and look at the histogram. If the result is to dark still, go to 10 seconds, keep changing the shutter speed until you get what you are seeking. Try changing the aperture, from between f14 and f22 and see how it affects the result. If the result gets to dark, use a longer shutter speed. Without a remote shutter release you should be able to get to 30 seconds, and that gives you ample time to get a good shot. Another thing. Focus about 2/3rds of the way into the scene. This ensures things close to you and things further away are in focus as well. Technically its referred to as the hyperfocal distance, but it is easiest to focus about 2/3rd of the way in, and thus you will get both foreground and distant objects in focus.

But as I said, don't just rock up to NYC and give it a go, between now and then PRACTICE. Even put some of your efforts back here on AP and ask questions, we will be able to guide you to better night shots.

14-09-2011, 11:15am
what about using one of those little gorilla grip tripod things if u dont want to carry a larger tripod around? that way u can put it or wrap its legs around something to keep stable?

14-09-2011, 12:53pm
what about using one of those little gorilla grip tripod things if u dont want to carry a larger tripod around? that way u can put it or wrap its legs around something to keep stable?

Excellent idea!:th3:

14-09-2011, 10:09pm
have fun in NYC - it's awesome! As others have said, practice - I'd have a try at home before leaving when you can, that way you'll know how your camera performs in these scenarios. Have a good trip.

16-09-2011, 11:29pm
New York, Coool , , Anyay, another thing that is quite usefull for night shots is the 10 second delay action, this will steady the camera vibrations that happen when depessing the shutter; and yep, practice : )

all the best

21-09-2011, 1:15pm
+1 on the Gorilla Pods. Most of the lookouts have good sturdy balconies ledges that you can rest or wrap them around. Definitely also check out the views from Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre). Top of the Rock has quite a few glass panels around the viewing area whereas Empire State has more cage type obstacles.