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13-09-2011, 12:53pm
We are off to Toowoomba in a few weeks for a few nights, and would like any info on interesting places to shoot. On the list currently is of course the Festival of Flowere and Jondaryan. Have done the Japanese Gardens. Any other things to look out for. Willing to travel a bit further, if anything of interest comes up


14-09-2011, 11:00am
There's the Cobb & Co museum, Aussie Emporium, a couple of beautiful churches (eg St Patrick's Cathedral), Picnic Point and a lot of lovely parks (especially just after the Carnival of Flowers, on this weekend). Not far from Toowoomba is Carbala, which is gorgeous! There's also the Darling Downs Zoo, with its white lions. Tonnes to shoot in Toowoomba. :th3:

What a shame you aren't going to be there this for our meet this Saturday. :(

14-09-2011, 4:58pm
Thanks for the pointers. We chose not to be there during the Festival because of the crowds. Went last year so thought that we would go just after the festival. I have never heard of Carbala, so will check that out and I had forgotten about the white lions. Have a great meet up this week.

14-09-2011, 6:49pm
The buildings in the CBD are very interesting, worth photographing.

17-09-2011, 10:21pm
So did anyone make the Flower Festival parade and gardens today other than me?The parade was great, although very hot. And the gardens had too many people around to enjoy.I have uploaded a few pics from the parade to my Flickr stream if interested.

Paul G
28-09-2011, 6:24pm
I got out and about a bit but didn't get a lot of time for pics.

Kaz how long are you here for?

The Japanese Gardens at the University at the southern end of West Street are worth a visit.

The Oakey Army Aviation Museum also has a big event on this weekend Oct 1 & 2


11-10-2011, 5:53pm
We went up there for the first time a fortnight ago - It's so beautiful! The Japanese Gardens were beautiful, Laurel Banks park had gorgeous flowers, Picnic point for the landscape shots. Raring to go to the darling downs zoo soon too, but need a longer lens. The city centre has some really lovely old buildings that'd photograph really well too :)