View Full Version : Underwater Housing for either istds or K20D

02-09-2011, 12:04am

i am trying to find a good aussie place to purchase a decent underwater housing for my DSLR. i own a K5 - but I don't know that i would risk taking it underwater. I have a spare *istDS and a K20D Body (upgrades that i couldn't find a buyer for, nor could i throw out) that i am more willing to use. If it matters, probably shooting with an Sigma 18-200 zoomed out all the way or a Sigma 50 f1.4.

Any recommendations of places to check out would be much appreciated.



matt shepherd
02-09-2011, 7:10am
Hey Sim I am not familiar with housings for your camera but the best guy to talk to if you want quality gear is Peter Mooney he runs Scubapix in Cairns. In regards to your lenses you really want a fish eye for wide angle and a 60mm macro for marco. You can use any lens underwater but if the lens dosent have a small minimal focus distance then they are not ideal as you will have to much water between your camera and the subject.

Good Luck

02-09-2011, 9:20am
I agree with matt Scuba pix are a good,but Peter moony is a bit special it all comes down to budget I use a aquatica housings but afraid they dont do housings for the K20 or k5 ikilite are just about to release one for the k5 will be in the region of $1220 not sure of the ikelite stockist on the gold coast but you could try Cairns local ikelite dealer http://www.digitaldiver.com.au can give them good recommendation.