View Full Version : Wouldn't it be great if we could PM everyone in the WA/Perth list?

28-08-2011, 10:30pm
I've thought for a while that it would be an excellent idea for members to be able to PM or notify members in their region about upcoming meets.

What do other think? Perhaps we could have a sticky at the top of the WA Forum in which we can post a link to the proposed upcoming link. Members could subscribe to the thread and post a link directing users to a particular meet thread where responses etc could be posted.

Thoughts, opinions?

28-08-2011, 10:32pm
Sticky in 5 minutes...

29-08-2011, 1:03am
Sounds good to me.

29-08-2011, 9:02pm
Great idea mate..

15-05-2012, 4:25pm
is this possible? I had a pm today about a WA meet and wondered if state-wide PMing can be done

15-05-2012, 5:03pm
Members can ask to be added to a PM list (thus giving their permission), but to stop people joining the site and using the PM system to spam other members, members can only bulk send to a limited number at one time. We restricted it, as in the past we have had people join up, do a few photography posts and then send a heap of members (at once) a PM letting them know that Jesus loved them, or that they really needed some drugs, to enhance the size of ..body parts.

I @ M
15-05-2012, 5:12pm
And ----- it requires a moderator to constantly update the list.

I seem to have scored the job of keeping the Vic list edited as members ask to be added. :rolleyes:

16-05-2012, 10:03am
Thanks guys. I'm very happy to be added to a WA list if one exists!

31-05-2012, 5:54pm
Hi, I am new around here. I would like to be added to a list as well.