View Full Version : Fancy an 8 x 10 inch digital back?

24-08-2011, 2:30pm
Mitchell Feinberg (http://www.aphotoeditor.com/2011/08/23/mitchell-feinbergs-8x10-digital-capture-back/) has two. He uses them for proofing - to replace the 8 x 10 polariod films he used to shoot. A custom build job.

24-08-2011, 3:09pm
too cool. still a bit un-useful for shooting outside the studio, but I think you'd find a work around. I'm starting to use my last few of Polaroids (4x5) very sparingly.

24-08-2011, 5:59pm
G'day A6

Well ... I spoze if you trade in the ferrari or 747 used for a qwik trip down the road for bread 'n milk you can get anything ... :D :D

Regards, Phil