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27-07-2011, 7:46pm
Want to shoot my lovely youngest Daughter in a couple of weeks - Year 12 Formal.
I reckon I have enough bit and pieces to set up a 'poverty pack' home studio.
Couple of small continuous (daylight white globes) flood lights - I think 200W;
and I'll knock up a couple of DIY softboxes.
Or, I might have a new SB-700 flash unit by then and have the offer of borrowing a second (thanks KIWI).

Here is the thing though . . . My daughter has quite fair skin and her dress is aubergine in colour.
(gord . . I made the mistake of calling it purple . . .ears still ringing!!)
The 'Man Bag' she is going with will be in a traditional grey suit, aubergine shirt.

Question:- What colour backdrop?


27-07-2011, 8:27pm
white........cause it can be all shades of grey.....or stark white ......or easy to select in ps and totally change it .........or any neutral beige creamy coloured wall.......white ceiling :)

27-07-2011, 11:25pm
+1. My wife is also fair skin and blond hair and a white high key portrait looks pretty good. Haven't tried low key yet, but I think high key is a better look.

28-07-2011, 9:36pm
Can't thank you enough for this.
Really really appreciate it.

Fred :th3: