View Full Version : Some AP server statistics

22-07-2011, 5:32pm
Now that the site is settling into its new server, and members are getting back online, I thought you might be interested in some stats:

We are averaging around 14% of the CPU maximum load, using about 21% of the memory available (1.3GB), using 14.24GB of our hard disk space, leaving 45.26GB free for growth, with 250,296 files making up the site, and used 0.9% of our bandwidth for the month (remember this includes all the data we moved to the server in the bandwidth total). We are getting great response times : Page generated in 0.27439 seconds with 22 queries. Much better than the several second up to 15-20 seconds at times responses on the old server.

Everything is cruising along nicely, from an admin point-of-view. Once more of the ISP's catch up with the DNS databases we will get rid of the IP address in the site address bar, and replace it with the www.ausphotography.net.au name.

Thanks everyone for bearing with us over the past couple of months as we went through times of extreme frustration due to time-outs, database errors and general slowness.

Hopefully all this is now behind us. ENJOY AUSPHOTOGRAPHY ;)