View Full Version : JJC Auto Lens Cap for XZ-1

14-07-2011, 7:37pm
We are proud to announce the world first Auto Lens Cap for OLYMPUS XZ-1 (http://www.jjcphotography.com.au/brandpdetail.aspx?pid=220&bid=116&cid=73&sid=580).

It helps opens and closes automatically in sync with lens movement. Protect the lens with a lens cap that can't be lost or forgotten.

We have large range of camera accessories avaliable in our website JJC Photography Australia (http://www.jjcphotography.com.au)

As always if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me at ivan@jjcphotography.com.au


12-01-2012, 8:22am
Thanks for this. I saw it someplace else and could not remember where. I plan to get one of these for my XZ, which has currently replaced my Ricoh GRD3 as my "always with me" camera. But the clip on cap is annoying on its tether, and likely to be lost, off it.

08-02-2012, 6:27pm
Not a bad idea, wonder if it will catch on tho.