View Full Version : Fire at Jirralinga

13-07-2011, 3:53pm
For those of you that had a look at my photo called Texas the Koala, I have a sad update on it. Yesterday, there was a fire at Jirralinga and 6 koalas were killed. Very sadly, little Tex was one of them.'
For those of you who don't know, Jirralinga is an animal rescue sanctuary just out of Geelong that has been looking after distressed animals for many years.
Very hard to hear this, as this was the first koala I had ever patted.

13-07-2011, 8:46pm
Sorry to hear that. :(

13-07-2011, 9:24pm
That is terrible news Sally as we need all the koalas to build up their numbers again.

13-07-2011, 9:38pm
Thanks, Benny and John..There were 4 adults and 2 babies but they did save some of the others. Just really sad when I was only there a few weeks ago and they do such a great job there rescuing wild animals. Texas was one of the babies:(