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12-07-2011, 10:00am
I have been thinking what is most practical for me, to buy a printer or to continue using a lab. To buy the printer I want is going to be around 2K, then there is the consumables oh they are the real catch in the printing deal., so that is why I have stuck with labs. I have a question tho please? I would like to know why they specify they will accept only sRGB and not Adobe RGB or if they accept both as this place does what does it do to the print.
The following is of the web page of a lab

Colour Mode RGB only

Colour Space sRGB preferred

Resolution 300 to 400ppi

File Formats JPG, Tiff (uncompressed), PSd

sRGB is closer to photographic paper gamut – but RGB itself is closer than Adobe 98. If you wish to embedded the Adobe 98 colour space – our printers will pass this information thru for printing purposes – but your monitor calibration may not be accurate.

another lab I like to use accept sRGB only, but I have been told it flattens the color

Can someone clarify what is the difference and is it noticable ...

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12-07-2011, 10:09am
Pat, you really need to get some detailed help from the labs that you intend to use, there are many different parameters that differing companies accept / specify for printing. Perhaps if you investigated the differences between colour spaces and were satisfied with your monitor calibration etc it would all make sense.

As for asking for help on here --- maybe if you revisited some of your older threads and posts and acknowledged the responses given by other members and joined in a little more frequently others might be more helpful.

12-07-2011, 10:31am
The rules are simple...

- Calibrate your monitor
- Use the same colour space as the lab or web
- Web has to be sRGB due to Windoze browser limits (if you want people to see the image as intended)
- Use SRGB if in doubt as all labs support it
- Use JPEG or TIFF file formats
- Use CMYK if offset printing (and they will tell you that)

12-07-2011, 1:14pm
Thanks to Kym for his informative answer