View Full Version : Suggestion, Bell's Beach this weekend anyone? Or Apostles.

08-07-2011, 12:55pm
Hi Guys,
I generally don't do much shooting of surfing events or that sort of thing, but something made my eyes pop when I saw this system developing, very very large waves may bring out some really keen surfers and a somewhat different photographic opportunity. Not being familiar with the break at Bell's I am not sure what sort of focal length is needed to get the best out of it, but it seems like it may well be worth it. See the paper writeup here:

They are talking a break of 4m at Bells through Sat, Sun and Monday. Now the only catch is that is its going to be about 13 degree surface temperatures, and 13 degree water temperatures, and I am not sure if this will put the surfies off, given also somewhat onshore winds (around 45-60km/hr). The other point of interest is potentially 10m waves off the Twelve apostles and the shipwreck coast which may give an opportunity to get some really spectacular break shots if you can get good enough lighting. Anyway, I am half considering making a trek down there to see what I can find depending on the light situation. Not sure anyone will be interested but even if it isn't a meet up it may be worth a look.

08-07-2011, 3:18pm
Hey John, Glad I wasn't the only one considering this, unfortunately I am busy this weekend otherwise I would have been there!

I would say you would need to be on the beach at bells to get any good shots as the viewpoint is quite high and would need lots of mm.....a 400/500 might do the job, not sure. Bells is quite a small beach so being on the beach may not be that safe though, but I am sure there will be at least a fwe out....that article will set a few people a challange! :eek:

Hope you do go down as would be interested to see what you get! Sorry I can't come along, it would have been fun.


08-07-2011, 11:51pm
What the hell ... why not? I was down that way last ... er ... Friday I think it was, but I could always go again. dunno why, I'm not especially interested in seascapes, especially not that overdone country, and not at all interested in surfing.

But 10m waves? How can I miss that?

Besides, I can always go and have another look for Lyrebirds in the Otways. :)

I'll probably start at the far western end near Peterborough and go ... well ... wherever from there.

Thanks for the tip, John!

10-07-2011, 3:01am
Yesterday was good. Surf was quite small considering the forecast, but certainly worth going down for. Photographic conditions were variable, mostly difficult because of the light, sometimes good. A very long day but worth it. Indeed, I'm going to make another day of it today. :) Maybe the waves will be bigger.

Old Skool
10-07-2011, 3:45pm
Just saw this, but I went down to Bells this morning. Place was packed with photographers, big clean surf running, I guess 10 - 15 feet easy. Nice rainbow over Bells for some time, but a light drizzle / sea spray meant you had to keep drying your gear. Will post a few pics later.