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24-06-2011, 6:22pm
Be curious to know if Nikon give any idea if (or when) a D4 will be released. it must be over 3 years since the D3 and I am certain Nikon will be contemplating an up dated model.

I @ M
24-06-2011, 6:47pm
Nigel, the D3 was announced in August 2007 and the D3s was announced in October 2009 so yes it has been a while since model announcements.

My theory behind that is that Nikon have not had to worry about it much because they don't have any opposition to that camera so they just haven't hurried to replace it.
I believe that they are still selling just about everyone of that model they make and obviously a D4 or whatever they choose to name it will only be a better machine that the previous model but I wouldn't lose any sleep over whether it arrives tomorrow or in 6 months time. :)

27-06-2011, 2:37pm
I understand that the D4 and D400 announcements are (or were) due in the second half of this year. I am not sure what impact the tsunami will have on the announcements because the D4 at least will be coming out of the plant at Sendai which was shut down for a while. These are not my original thoughts, simply what I read on Thom Hogan's site.

I am hanging out with great interest to see how the D400 is going to be specified as its likely to be my next upgrade.