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21-06-2011, 10:56am
(I tried to post this in the competitions section, but the site slowness wouldn't let me in)

The recent thread started by ricstew "baby with flower" created many emotional responses from members. I am sure that many other members viewed the thread and did not make a comment because it made them too emotional, or did not want to offend Jan.

I wonder whether a theme for photo of the week could be on the lines of "convey a message".
We see many images on TV or magazines that pull on the heart strings. Many advertisers for things like road trauma, alcohol and smoking use images that are intended to leave an impression to make one think.

If you like the idea, the image title should contain no more than 3 words that convey the message within the image.

Just a thought. :confused013

21-06-2011, 2:14pm
The POTW themes are based on a series of cycles, look in the POTW forum and stickied is a list of upcoming themes. We may be able to incorporate something in future, but we plan themes months in advance.

21-06-2011, 2:27pm
While it's clearly out for the immediate future, Geoff's idea sounds interesting to me. It would give members something a bit different from the usual strictly pictorial themes to think about.

21-06-2011, 5:24pm
Thanks Rick. I was thinking in the future anyway. I'm still getting over the effect of Jan's image. :D

old dog
21-06-2011, 5:30pm
I like the idea...:th3: