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Dave Clifford
19-06-2011, 7:04pm
Evening all,

Hope you don't mind a Taswegian posting in the Vic section ;)

Thought I would let you all know that the Shannons Nationals will be running at Winton Motor Raceway next weekend (24th-26th June 2011). Friday 24th will be a practice session for all classes.

Further information can be found at The Nationals Website (http://www.thenationals.com.au/shannons-nationals-2011-round-4.php).

I have noticed they still have not listed entry fees, so an email to the organisers could be in order or check back on the site closer to the weekend.

The Adelaid round had pricing listed (so may be different for the Vic round) as Event Pass $50
Saturday $25
Sunday $35

Dave Clifford
20-06-2011, 10:19am
Pricing update:

The Nationals Website has been updated with the admission prices: (http://www.thenationals.com.au/shannons-nationals-2011-round-4.php) the page also includes a link to a downloadable event schedule and entry list of competitors. The Darren Hossack Audi sports sedan would be reason enough to go and have a look.

RND#3 2011 SHANNONS NATIONALS - June 24-26

Event entry:
Saturday: $15/adult
Sunday: $25/adult

KIDS 15 and Under FREE when accompanied by an adult (free access to pits/paddock).

Gates open 7:30am - 6:00pm (Fri/Sat/Sun)

22-06-2011, 8:20pm
I'll be there both days Dave........ will be nice to catch up again. :th3:

Dave Clifford
23-06-2011, 9:49am
It sure will be Harves. See you Saturday.

24-06-2011, 6:31pm
argh, catching up with mum that weekend,,,it's on the way too.
Should I drop in? If I do I'm afriad I'd end up staying all day and never get to the border..LOL

26-06-2011, 8:14am