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15-06-2011, 5:57pm
Great idea Kym, I did notice this morning, But was waiting for somone else to comment , Did'nt happen, So I have, I like this , "New- Old" On the posts :th3:

15-06-2011, 8:49pm
It was placed on the site last night and we edited it from what its original format was, until the mods and I were happy with how it appeared.

15-06-2011, 10:16pm
Another mod from Boofo owner of iamamgrumpy.com :th3:

16-06-2011, 8:10am
not following...

16-06-2011, 8:13am
not following...

When you click NEW POSTS, under the thread title is a new feature that tells you if a thread is new (today) or old and how old, so you get things like '6 days old" or '29 days old' listed in the NEW POSTS screen.

16-06-2011, 8:15am
yup got it, thnx MATEY! :p

Bear Dale
16-06-2011, 9:26am
Am I missing something? Whats the point of it? Whats some examples of how you would use the information of how old a thread is? Threads have always had Started by 'Username' and the date. It seems like a doubling up to me :confused013

It makes it all look a little "busy", but thats probably just me getting used to it.

Duane Pipe
16-06-2011, 3:22pm
I like it:th3:

16-06-2011, 3:24pm
Really good idea, and much easier to read with the colour changed from black :th3:

28-06-2011, 10:47pm
I love the how old - as I often don't even know how old I am .... I spent the past 6 months thinking I was a year older than I am!
So new or 2 days etc.... is in plain english for someone with a simple mind like me! :D