View Full Version : HELP""!!"///"""!!! - Trying to drive to Brisbane.

15-06-2011, 12:12pm
(For """!!"///"""!!!, read lots of rainm perhaps driving rain...)

I'm supposed to be there Saturday midday.

NSW Mid- and Far North Coasters, tell me. Can I do it along there?

Ta a lot, Am.

15-06-2011, 12:29pm
Sorry Am, I 'm further north but current situation I can find is the highways cut at Kempsey. Last night they had problems around Coffs and the Highway was closed near Grafton as well. I think I'd be considering the New England highway route at the moment, but things might improve over the next day or so.
When are you leaving?
Good luck

Looks like the highway is also closed at Nambucca. This link might give you some current info http://livetraffic.rta.nsw.gov.au/

15-06-2011, 1:45pm
Thanks, Dbax. I'm suppoooosed to be leaving any time between tomorrow early tomorrow morning and early the next.
PS. That seems to be a good link. I've been looking @ it. I hope it's reasonably up-to-date.

15-06-2011, 2:02pm
All Brisbane-bound traffic is being diverted onto the New England highway, Am. You'll still get there but it does take you further inland and it's not exactly the safest road in places. Still, if you have to get there you are less likely to be blocked by floods going that way. Just choose the New England route when you hit the end of the F3 and expect lots of trucks too. Everywhere else is in chaos.:(

15-06-2011, 2:09pm
Thanks, WhoDo. I'm trying to get a grip on the idea of not being able to be there at that time. When I go up it's usually just a snack, 10 hrs only, as I'm N of Syd and I go to the S of Bris. This is starting 2 B like a "bda edram".
A(wondering when I'll wake up)m.

15-06-2011, 4:57pm
You might even consider the Newell.

If the New England is jammed up, the extra distance may be worth it.


15-06-2011, 5:05pm
I have done the Newel many times and it is a good drive - never driven the coast road as always heading to melbourne from Townsville. I would be surprised if the Newel was held up. You get to stop at the Dish too and take some quick photos. :-)

15-06-2011, 5:18pm
Thanks Scotty72 and Mike. I think 10 hrs is already too long. I have advised the parties concerned about the situation.

15-06-2011, 5:56pm
go by boat, the locals around Taree and Kempsey already are.

15-06-2011, 6:12pm
That's a point. I pity them for it. They're always copping it up along the coast.

15-06-2011, 6:15pm
New England is under at Muswellbrook railway underpass but there are wet weather diversions in place and traffic is still moving. 10 hours may be a stretch in the conditions though. :(

15-06-2011, 7:04pm
Folks. I've just been watching the news. What a pity for all the people along the coast!

I won't be going now for sure, and I'll ask a Mod to close this thread.

Thanks for all your replies.