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porsche 911
14-06-2011, 5:36pm
I just brought a new portable drive there was quite a selection i ended up with a Seagate sounded familiar so i brought it. Now I'm on Ap i know why it sounded familiar. "Site Sponsor" Marketing at work while you play :)

14-06-2011, 7:47pm
Seagate give away $'000's in prizes each year to Ausphotography members. They are our main site supporter. So I am sure they are pleased when they see threads like this (and yes they watch the site). On each Seagate 'Think Outside the Box' competition 2 representatives from Seagate vote on the members entries.

14-06-2011, 9:20pm
I have rescently purchased 2 Segate 1 Tb external drives that I mirror my photos up on - good reliable drives and good value. these drives have just replaced my too aging 500 Gb drives that are still going strong. Good decision on the purchase :-)