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Dylan & Marianne
11-06-2011, 1:26am
Through flickr, America's Popular Photography magazine found one of my pictures and paid me for use of the following picture in their April magazine as part of a travel special. That was all fine but then, my friend in Iceland has recently let me know that a local newspaper has since used that picture as well?

My first reaction was "Cool, I got published in Iceland!" but then , on reflection, why wasn't I notified? I'm not upset, just curious to know what people think about the legalities of photographing a magazine picture for their own publication.
<Edit> Actually, after figuring out the page, the link was to pop photography's website with the appropriate credit and all so I guess it's all good!

This is the link and the picture
25 best places to photograph (http://mbl.is/frettir/innlent/2011/06/10/best_ad_ljosmynda_a_islandi/)


11-06-2011, 2:11am
Wow, congratulations, that's excellent, but I'd have to save I'm not surprised with the quality of your work.

Well done

11-06-2011, 6:14am
I guess some Icelander was excited to see a 'local' pic in an American magazine and so they publicised the link. At least it links back to your photo credited shot, and a very nice one BTW.

Dylan & Marianne
11-06-2011, 7:55am
Thanks John and Odille :) I kind of wondered why my friend's reaction was negative to begin with though lol - especially since he can read Icelandic! ( I think he had some of his flickr images of the volcano stolen by foxtel)

11-06-2011, 11:15am
Good to see a good out-come.
How did those people become giants :eek:

Dylan & Marianne
11-06-2011, 1:58pm
lol, lens distortion - I thought it looked cool :P

11-06-2011, 4:38pm
Its great news and congratulations. . It is rewarding and satisfying to be acknowledged and published anywhere - Iceland included.

BTW - when you say "unexpected" - Mongo hates to tell you but you're the only one who didn't expect it !! :th3:

11-06-2011, 5:23pm
As long as the royalty arrives, I wouldn't get too worried. :th3:

11-06-2011, 5:28pm
I'm not suprised Dylan. It's a wonder that a lot more of your images are not published. :th3:

Dylan & Marianne
11-06-2011, 6:11pm
thanks guys ! by the title, I meant the icelandic part was unexpected lol - we have got the payment - though with the US dollar < AUD, it wasn't as great as it could have been :P

11-06-2011, 6:55pm
Hmmm, firstly I am not surprised your photos were selected, I have been a long term fan of your fantastic photography. Congradulations on both accounts - well deserved I think. Hmm, I see this one was with the 7D so not hire royalties for the wifes camera on this one :-) LOL.

One thing I do find interesting is the shot was found on flickr - I assume agencies must trawl flickr much like stock sites.

Well done again.

11-06-2011, 7:59pm
No, Flickr has an option where you can allow it to be picked up (by Getty, I think).

But, I suppose, someone still has to trawl through and notice your photo from the thousands that get loaded up per minute. :p

Dylan & Marianne
11-06-2011, 10:20pm
thanks mike ! Scotty, I think they really did just trawl flickr looking for images of the Geysir area because this photo wasn't submitted to Getty ( I don't allow them) - we literally got an email out of the blue and wondered how the heck they picked this one at random !

14-06-2011, 4:01pm
Congrats Dylan, well deserved.
I know of a few people who have received payment for images "found" on flickr. I guess its a reminder that titles and tags can be useful and may prove lucrative!!

15-06-2011, 2:12pm
If you tagged it with the location detail they probably found it that way. Always a good idea to tag with the old who, what, where and when (as each is appropriate) when you can.

old dog
15-06-2011, 2:17pm
good for you Dylan.

Dylan & Marianne
15-06-2011, 2:33pm
thanks shirl, graeme
Odille, I usually do tag my photos and location too - wonder if that was how they found it