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09-06-2011, 2:54pm
I take lots of photo's yet I never actually do anything with them. I might post them on Redbubble, maybe various other sites, but I never print them. I never hang them on my walls. In fact I haven't printed a picture (aside from a few things I've done for friends) for the last 2 decades! I'm always fascinated with photography itself and love to learn and try new things so I'm always satisfied with having achieved the image itself, and that's always enough for me.

What do you do with your pictures?


09-06-2011, 3:01pm
I look at them in the camera and dump obviously poor shots. I load tehm onto the computer LR2.7 and dump some more, usually for reasons of technical inadequacy or for being funcdamentally bad photographs. I look at the remainder and then might muse to myself, as it is a self indulgent hobby. Some I print and show to family members. I probably do a non-family photography session once a month or so, and generally I make discs, unless they are for wall display in which case they are printed out on a pigment printer. Some might go on Facebook, but I am not an overly keen fan. Some pictures are manipulated for projects like Christmas or birthday cards.

09-06-2011, 3:10pm
I print everything! :D

I don't mean that too literally, because obviously I take a lot of photos that aren't keepers, but after I've gone through all the shots from any particular expedition I always print all the keepers.

Sure I have a million photo albums at home, but I sift through them from time to time, especially the holiday ones. :)

I also use my photos for calendars for my mum and dad (and brothers) at the end of each year, plus I'm up to 3 canvas prints now. It's a slowly growing collection, because they're so bloody expensive, but when I do capture a good shot I'd like to start getting them canvassed. :)

09-06-2011, 3:18pm
Print? Not myself at home for about 5 years. The occasional ones - often for other people - at the local department/camera store.
Some get uploaded to the on-line storage site and here, while the others live on various HDDs.

09-06-2011, 3:19pm
share them here and with other friends. I also put some on my site... on rare occasions i'll enter them in comps.

09-06-2011, 5:19pm
What do you do with your pictures?

Some of them are hanging on my walls.

Some of them are hanging on other people's walls.

One of them is on the side of a company's vans.

Otherwise, I am happy to merely publish my images in my galleries and share them here.

I'm generally not one to print.

09-06-2011, 5:24pm
I print them on tissue, perforated after each photo, and put into a roll

09-06-2011, 5:32pm
If you're as old as I am you probably have a cupboard somewhere full of packets of negatives and prints that you haven't looked at for years! The digital age just ocmpounds the issue, because you can take as many digital images as you like - its only more storage (Hmm need to buy another terrabyte drive soon!).

I toss out all the rubbish (but keep those that might be worth re-visiting along with the keepers). I file everything religiously in my server under separate folders for each shoot and give every pasable image a name prefixed by the shutter number so they stay in chronological order (otherwise you can't find anything) and keep about 3 full backups. Every so often I revisit the files and toss away images that may have only had a short term purpose (say a 4WD club outing last year with photos mainly of people whose name I can no longer remember!).

What I have found good is to put better images on DVD as a slide show (or narrated story if of an event) plus a music track. It seems to be more convenient to pull out a disk and plug it into the DVD rather than try and huddle around a PC. Because of that convenience I find the images from trips etc get looked at more regularly and are not just saved, never to see the light of day again.

09-06-2011, 5:35pm
I take lots of photo's yet I never actually do anything with them. I might post them on Redbubble, maybe various other sites, but I never print them. I never hang them on my walls. In fact I haven't printed a picture (aside from a few things I've done for friends) for the last 2 decades! I'm always fascinated with photography itself and love to learn and try new things so I'm always satisfied with having achieved the image itself, and that's always enough for me.

What do you do with your pictures?


Ditto John, that's me to a 'T'. I love the processes. I've printed some for comps and I have a couple I will get done on canvas when I can (eventually) afford it, but it is the joy of the process for me.

JM Tran
09-06-2011, 5:39pm
1. on my home walls
2. on my office walls
3. on clients walls and desks
4. in magazines and publications
5. on websites
6. on billboards
7. on stock-photography sites
8. on Facebook
9. in newspapers
10. on archival hard drives
11. in the bin:)

09-06-2011, 5:41pm
Most of my photos live on various hard drives. I have printed a few, purchased second hand frames and put some in them using photo glue or picture corners. Every now and then I replace them with a new batch. I have also set up, on my hard drive, seperate categories into which I put copies of favourites for use as desktop picture. As well as this I have files for every member of our family into which I only put the better shots of that particular family member. This saves searching through files and makes copying to various systems very easy. It works for me.

09-06-2011, 5:45pm
4. in magazines and publications

I forgot about that one.

I've had a couple of images published.

09-06-2011, 6:16pm
1. Some canvas prints on the walls,

2. I've had some published in Magazines

3, Coffee Table books 2 off

4. CD's and Dvd's for storage

5. Front of the Gccc rate notices !!

6. Postcards

7. Web sites like this one AP

8. Sell to Customers (Weddings)

9. But I do like taking and just processing them :)

David W
09-06-2011, 6:28pm
Thanks for a good chuckle Darren

Art Vandelay
09-06-2011, 7:53pm
I'm a bit old fashioned. I print heaps to stick in albums, on the wall, or just on the fridge with a magnet for a few months, then replace with fresh ones.
Also enjoy flicking through my old photo albums. Though looking at them now armed with a bit more knowledge, sometimes I wish I was a bit more serious over the years. There are some real doozies amongst them. :o

Some end up sold as part of articles for a couple of fishing/boating mags, others end up sold on a small scale to participants of a couple of sports I'm involved in.

09-06-2011, 7:56pm
I print them on tissue, perforated after each photo, and put into a roll


09-06-2011, 8:57pm
I print them on tissue, perforated after each photo, and put into a roll

Only the crap ones I hope!:D

09-06-2011, 9:09pm
After about 3 yrs of photography I have more than I can sort through on mirrored HDD's. Have spent about a month cataloging and deleting ones I don't want and now trying to PP the ones that are real keepers although the ratio is not that great :-)
My daughters have some framed and hanging on there walls
Quite a number framed and hung on our walls ranging from sunset, equine to family.
2 or 3 coffee table books
a couple of brag books in my wifes bag of our horses
uploaded all over the shop on the web
a few hanging at my desk
and on in the reception at my daughters work.

I used to just store them and lost a little interest until one day I did a large print and framed it for my wife - it became a discussion point when the girls visited and they then starting asking for some prints for themselves. It really got me interested in photography again and took it from there. Now I find I delete all but a few keepers from each group of shots and print, frame and hang the best one.

09-06-2011, 9:09pm
One of the best questions I have seen posted on photo forums.
I am a bit of a lost sole when it come to what to do with the shots I take. Most of my photos just hang around on hard disks waiting for their turn to bust forth and amaze the word. Of course they are a bit deluded and overrate their own importance.

I just don't really know what to do with them. As others have said, I think I like the process as much or even more than the results.

I have put the "Holiday Snap" into photo books (3 so far) to help keep the coffee table firmly in place and provide company for the wide variety of magazines.

I have tried printing a number of them but to date none have made it onto the walls.

Anyway I just keep shooting and see what happens with the results.

09-06-2011, 9:28pm
a word of caution to anyone who is burning images on discs...the discs only last about 10yrs or so.

09-06-2011, 9:33pm
Thanks JJ .. ya justmade me realise I take 1000's of pics .. and honestly do sweet FA with them ..
I probly have 30-40GB of photos i've taken over the last 5-6 years ... (prob 95% should have been scrapped when taken..lol .. but i am slack)
I might show some better ones here.. and put some on RB with the hope someone might like them enuf to buy ... lol
Gallery some for friends to see ...
I think it's time for a selfbuttkick and bite the bullet for printing some for a market stall i've been procrastinating about for the last year .. :)


09-06-2011, 9:42pm
I take lots of photo's yet I never actually do anything with them. .... [SNIP]

.... and that's always enough for me.

Ditto! :th3:

11-06-2011, 12:08am
I got organised enough to have a folder of images i'd like to print... but that's as far as I've gotten.

One day...

11-06-2011, 5:07pm
Usually i find myself uploading them to flickr, facebook etc, but if funds would permit i would love to have all of the keepers printed.

11-06-2011, 5:20pm
Flickr, Facebook (descreasingly).

I rarely print

12-06-2011, 5:50pm
Only the ones I deem acceptable go to Flickr everything else stays on my HDD's

12-06-2011, 9:02pm
Most pics just sit idly on my hard drive..Some end up on flickr or redbubble, but this is becoming increasingly rare..After my last few holidays, I have made a point of making photo books..Actually, this thread has inspired me to frame a few pics and hang them on my walls..I have the frames and bought some matt board a few weeks back, so will tackle the project tomorrow!

13-06-2011, 12:56am
Most sit on facebook, or on here and photobucket.

I have started a Redbubble account but only have a couple of photo's

I am starting to print my favourites and put them on my walls. But thats usually only photo's i've taken of my kids or still life shots.

I'd love to print out my favourite photo's from clients sessions, but think it may be seen as strange having other peoples kids on my walls? Even though it is my work and I love the images I have produced...

13-06-2011, 10:30am
For me I have been printing some out putting into a folder and dating them as I am just learning one day I am hoping to look back and see if I have been improving

13-06-2011, 11:16am
I do very little with them, but I do try to make them into slide shows.
If I am entertaining, I tend to put a couple of slideshows around the house - one on the TV and another on my laptop (usually sitting on the bar).

I suppose that I ought to get some digital photo frames, but they're still a little pricey. I feel bad saying that because the only way that can be cheaper is to exploit poor people in China/India even more - but at this point I can't justify the money anyway. I do have a couple of older LCD monitors that I rarely use any more (since switching to laptop). I was thinking of framing them and mounting them on walls, and running them from a server. The problem being that a desire to conserve electricity means they'd be blank and ugly for the majority of the time...

I also post some pics to facebook, usually if the pic is something that will mean more to my friends that to me. For example, to practice I've been down to the dog park with my friends and their dog. I have no real desire to keep pics of their dog though, but figure they might like any of the good ones.

13-06-2011, 11:19am
So far I've made a book of my daughter for her grandparents, have a few in frames at work and one small canvas on my wall.

That said, the other week I was shown the value of Lightroom and how easy it is to really make images pop and export to print. I'm still learning these techniques but at the same class it was also pointed out that a photo quality A3+ Epson printer can be purchased for $400 and along with some archival quality paper you can do your own prints at home for next to nothing!

Yes, it's a big initial outlay and the ink is expensive to re-fill, but the per-print price works out much lower than your standard Hardly Normal or similar and I think you're much more likely to fill frames or print for family/friends/clients if it's so quick and easy.

That's my view of the future anyway...hope it works! :D lol

13-06-2011, 12:36pm
Currently, I have most of my images sitting around on disks and hard drives. Occasionally I put together flash galleries of a set of images or images of common themes (e.g. aviation images, landscape images) which I email to family and friends. But really, most of the images I take I do nothing with. I think I might have to print one or two to hang up after reading this thread. :)