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07-06-2011, 4:13pm
Yep I know this has been asked before but I am still struggling with the decision . I know 7 d is good for sports but it's alot of money between that and the 5dmk 2 , I mainly do landscapes but if I can be persuaded by people who have the 7 d and do alot of landscapes with it and they think they are great then I may change my mind as it's killing me saving up for the 5 d or should I be patient and keep saving, my camera I have now is 50 d .

07-06-2011, 4:28pm
Can't help you there, Britinozz. But I noticed your signature block says, "Critique is allways welcome,If you wish to edit my images please do. Any help and advise will allways be appreciated.",
while your profile shows, "Edit Permission: Ask before editing my photos"

07-06-2011, 4:42pm
Question is what part of your 50D is letting you down at the moment that makes you want to upgrade?

We all want / like new gear, what we really need to ask why do we need the new gear.

I'm always lusting over a 70-200 2.8 IS II but I don't think I'd ever really use it.

07-06-2011, 5:26pm
Cheers I will amend

07-06-2011, 5:35pm
Mmm u agree what your saying but I just wanna upgrade I suppose and hoping my Images
Will be clearer crisper and generally better.
I have just got a 17- 40 lens and have noticed my images are heaps sharper so I suppose add the 5 D or 7 D then that equates to better Images or am I just dreaming?
Not sure but I am like most people gotta have a new toy.As I have been so into photography since I started a yr ago I just think it's time.

07-06-2011, 5:39pm
Oops sorry posted same message twice damn iphones

07-06-2011, 5:44pm
Honest opinion? You've been shooting for a year, you've got so much to learn still.

Buying a new body isn't going to instantly give you better photos, nor are lenses most of the time. Sure gear helps, but it's probably 90% photographer and 10% gear when it comes to image quality. I've got images from my 450D shot with the 18-55 IS kit lens that are absolutly great, and I've taken absolute rubbish images with my 5DII with 16-35 L.

Big tip, start getting some professional prints of some the shots which you know are tack sharp, and some which you think aren't that great and compare the two. I bet you won't even notice the difference.

We are far too critical of our digital images these days, zooming in 100 - 300% and nit picking our images to death. Save the money and do a short course or something, it'll do you more good.

07-06-2011, 5:51pm
I don't have a 7D but I do have a 5D11 and would say that if your primary interest is in landscape photography then you're much better off saving for the 5D. The 7D is not a landscape camera. That's not to say it wouldn't produce good landscape images, but the increase in resolution will be imperceptible over what you have and the new features won't do much for you in the field. If you want a difference you can see and a camera that also performs astonishingly well in low light, wait until you can buy the 5D11. It really is a great machine.

07-06-2011, 6:02pm
Thanks I am leaning towards the 5D I will have to be patient .

07-06-2011, 6:09pm
Hey Brit.
I have the 7D and the 5D MkII, as you already know the 7D is a very capable camera in its own right, as you state great for sports, action and fast moving subject and it also does a great job with Landscapes and i was happy with it, but i always lusted after the full frame abilities of the 5D. I laid down the cash and bought it and I have to say I have never looked back, all my lenses have become different animals with ful frame, sharper, crisper and greater contrast. The full frame view with my 17-40 L is simply amazing to view through the viewfinder and still takes my breath away at times. I recently purchased a 135mm f2 and on full frame...........outstanding.
Wether you want to save for the 5DMkII or get the 7D is entirely your call, I know the price gap between the 2 is HUGE and hard to get your head around, but, if you are really keen on Landscape as your MAIN photographic subject, I would be inclined to save for the 5D MKII, believe me it is worth the wait.
Hope this helps a little bit.

07-06-2011, 7:23pm
I think mikec nailed it. I would ask just one question of you. What is holding you back in your 50D? Until you can answer that, forget about buying a new camera.

I have a 50D and 7D and they are both brilliant. I also had a 450D and it was great too in my opinion. For what you want it for, you will not gain anything at all by upgrading to a 7D. If I was you I would be taking my time with the 50D and you should be able to get fantastic images with it. When you find there is something holding you back within the 50D the answer as to an upgrade path will become clear as you will know what you need.

And if I were close to investing in a 5D, I would wait a little while for the Mk3 to come out. It shouldn't be too far away and if rumours are correct, it should be a great camera.

07-06-2011, 8:02pm
If you are considering the 7D but don't need sport capabilities, get the 50 or 60D.
Use your savings to get some good quality glass, and buy glass according to your future plans, i.e. if you think you may change to FF in the future, maybe don't buy ALL EF-S lenses.

07-06-2011, 8:43pm
Thanks I was getting excited reading your post , I could tell you really like the 5 D lol yep I am sold .
I will wait until I get the cash .

07-06-2011, 10:42pm
Good descision. If you were interested in sports I would consider a 7d or 1d body. But the 5D is beautiful body for still objects, :p

07-06-2011, 10:58pm
oh wait you've already got a 50D, yeah no point upgrading to the 7D if you don't need the sports capabilities of it.
hold on to your money.

08-06-2011, 12:02am
Hey Brit.
Just reading one of the posts on the 5D MKIII, there is still no release date on the MKIII as yet and I'm pretty much guaranteeing that it will not be cheap, I would put my money on over the 3K mark:eek: BUT when it is released there will be some good used MKII's on the market (E-bay, etc) so it will probably be a really good time to pick a MKII up then, but who really knows when it will be released ?
I hestitated and thought about waiting for the MKIII, there is no doubt it will be a step up from the MKII, hopefully 100% viewfinder, improved AF (really needed for a Landscape camera?), better weather-sealing, improved video (which I have no interest in anyway-just me), more mega-pixels, dual CF cards. For me that is about the only things they can improve on. It was not worth it to wait for the MKIII with no release date in sight.
Just some personal thoughts mate.

08-06-2011, 11:50am
I back mikec's gentle advice. You have some excellent kit there for landscape photography. My pick from your kitbag would be 50D, EF 10-22, 430EXII, Manfrotto. Throw in the EF 100 macro for occasional tele needs.

You will gain practically nothing from updating your body. Spend a tiny fraction of the new body budget on a relevant workshop in your vicinity. Use the tripod LOTS. Bracket LOTS. Think really hard about previsualising the images you want to create, rather than relying on "oooh, click". Go into the land that inspires you and be there for many sunrises and sunsets. :th3:

08-06-2011, 12:23pm
thanks for that i have had good feedback all round mmmm i think i will get the 5D Mk 2 not sure when i will keep saving.

08-06-2011, 4:49pm
Keep in mind that only your 17-40, Macro and 150-500 will work on the 5D. Might be worth looking at a 24-70/24-105 or a couple of primes to fill the gap before buying a new body. Will most likely see a noticeable difference by upgrading glass before upgrading the body.

08-06-2011, 9:13pm
Thanks for that , that is a good option mmm so much to think about.

08-06-2011, 9:53pm
I have the 50D and the 5D2

I use both equally when the situation demands but I love the 5D2....my opinion is to change a 50D to a 7D is too similar, go to the 5D2 and get the benefit of the difference of full frame

09-06-2011, 10:04pm
Hi I have both the 5D 2 and the 7D. First the 7D is a very big improvement on the 50D (had one). The two cameras, 5D 2 and 7D are very different, the 5D is not as good an all round camera, it dose what it dose better than the 7D though, but and it is a big but the 7D dose some things much better than the 5D.
I shoot mainly motorsport and as a result my go to camera is the 7D because it focuses much quicker has more focus points and a higher frame rate. I don't shoot weddings but I think the superior auto focus would put the 7D in front there to, its image quality is almost as good as the 5D and from my experience shooting bands has a better high ISO performance.
The 5D 2 is so good when you have time portraits landscapes etc and the files are so big.
Then the 7D is no slouch at landscapes ether just not as good as the 5D 2

My thoughts but Im no expert.

10-06-2011, 11:41am
Thanks for advise sounds like both cameras are tops no matter what way i go.:th3: