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06-06-2011, 6:32pm
As ive mentioned in previous threads, ( i havent got the book manual) and find the DWLD manual lacks some basic info, When i take a pic, any mode, the lcd screen lights up Over or under exposures/it flashes,on/off is this normal...!!

+ taking pics in other modes SV/TV/AV/TAV. they always seem slightly dark, even on me computer, wich means PS work...Surely theres something simple ive not set or ?????

Any info appreciated... Simon.....

06-06-2011, 6:50pm
That's the highlight/lowlight flashing at you. The camera's with my gf at the moment so I can't tell you exactly where it is in the menu's, but it is in there and is easily switched off (once you find it that is lol, i'd say scroll through the menus looking for highlight or something to that effect).

Not sure on the second point, could you just dial in a tad bit of ev compensation?

06-06-2011, 7:05pm
ALAS, crf529....:th3: Bright/dark area....got it.....

07-06-2011, 5:50pm
I would leave that funtion on you can`t recover blown highlights, have you downloaded the latest firmware from Pentax.

With the K7 it lightened the photos but caused highlights to be blown on whites, if there is white in the photo I will dial in -1/5 evo this works ok most of the time.