View Full Version : K5 in Action

28-05-2011, 7:50pm
1st go at Moto cross today with the K5..Im still going threw the 475 pics,
But overall a much sharper/color AF was quik, I used Vibrant mode, Not sure if i should of used Natural72991

29-05-2011, 7:23pm
i think this is an awesome shot!
It's sharp where it needs to be - the upper body....
I quite like the lighting in this too!
How would it look like if you used the Natural mode???

30-05-2011, 6:11pm
Thanx smallfooties, Still getting used to the settings/ Vibrant/Natural/ect.ect

30-05-2011, 6:32pm
hey just looking at this last shot you posted... it would be awesome if you did some panning?
Although i hardly shoot sports so i wouldn't really know... but from preference point of view, i think some panning might work.
the bike rider looks abit blurred like there was some motion shake captured?
Do correct me if i'm wrong?
but loving the colours!

30-05-2011, 8:46pm
85 % of me motocross pics Are panned...??

30-05-2011, 9:08pm
oh sorry... so is the last one panned? Or panned enough?
It looks like it just has a shallow DOF to me...
To me, panning gives the viewer a feeling of the car or in this case the motorbike and rider moving...
But then again i could be wrong...
Perhaps you can educate me on what panning really is?
Thanks kindly.