View Full Version : Beach sunset shoot - Trigg/ Bennion

26-05-2011, 12:38pm
We have talked about another sunset at the beach so thought I'd try and get a date in the diary.

I'm thinking NOR (its been a while) and Trigg or Bennion. I haven't been to either so suggestions for meeting point are welcome.

Date - Sunday 5th June, time 4/4.30pm (sunset 5.19)

26-05-2011, 12:56pm
I will note that in my diary, will be great to catch up :th3:

26-05-2011, 6:10pm
Sounds like something I'd like to do - just depends on my availability.

26-05-2011, 6:14pm
think I'm free...

26-05-2011, 8:41pm
I should be free to! Anyone know if its rocky? got a 9 stopper im aching to try on some rocks/water

26-05-2011, 10:00pm
Will we do a sunset? I think it is rocky "13"

26-05-2011, 10:53pm
Yep, plenty of rocks and hopefully a decent sunset :)

26-05-2011, 11:05pm
what's a 9 stopper?????
me just got a car so i would like to come too!
What's a good lens to use though? :confused013

26-05-2011, 11:23pm
Bennion has a great potential Shirl. Love that place to bits. Count me in. I hope you are enjoying your new machine ;)

26-05-2011, 11:53pm
Done Trigg. It has lots to offer.
Unfortunately can't come as I'll be in Augusta visiting family. First time this year. My bad.
Catch up on the results.

27-05-2011, 3:42am
I'm available too

27-05-2011, 7:11pm
I'm available too Apologies not available now have a great shoot I look forward to seeing the results.

27-05-2011, 7:46pm
Will be in Harvey, would have loved to make it otherwise. Have fun.

Hows the new camera Shirl?

28-05-2011, 6:35pm
Will be down in Margs. Keen to finally meet up with you guys very soon.

28-05-2011, 9:46pm
Will be in Harvey, would have loved to make it otherwise. Have fun.

Hows the new camera Shirl?

New camera is great...although haven't had too much time to play. It feels better (heavier) and sounds better, and is certainly a lot faster!
What shift pattern are you doing with the new job? How's it going??

29-05-2011, 2:37pm
OK, so I had a blonde moment, I can't actually make my own meet! I have a kids party on Sunday arvo that I forgot about. :Doh:
SO.... is anyone able to make the Monday (public holiday) sunset instead??

29-05-2011, 3:26pm
9 - 5 Had that long break whilst in-between jobs. Go off on a Wednesday and come home Thursday, get in around 9.30pm. I'm in the East Pilbra, Rio Tinto Hope Downs 1, Making the most of this break with wife and kids in Harvey 4WDing, so, will try to catch up next itme back.

29-05-2011, 4:41pm
SO.... is anyone able to make the Monday (public holiday) sunset instead??

No, unfortunately I cannot as I am running an information night for my men's group in Kalamunda that evening (both genders are welcome by the way).

What I would like at some future meet is some assistance with landscape photography, one of my weaker areas. Things like the use of filters, what settings you use and where you might position yourself for those stunning shots I see posted on this site. I am contemplating going to Tasmania and New Zealand, perhaps next year, and I'd love to have a bit more of a clue about photographing the landscapes over there.

29-05-2011, 6:04pm
hi all, so is this still happening today?
Is tml a public holiday? which monday are you referring to Milbs1???

29-05-2011, 6:27pm
afaik it wasnt going to happen today. It was initially next sunday but has been moved to the monday after.

29-05-2011, 6:54pm
oh i see i see... thank 13ulletz!
I will keep checking this space!

30-05-2011, 8:32pm
Just to save any confusion, the day and date Shirl is referring to as a change from the Sunday, is Monday the 6th of June, Foundation Day. Unfortunately that day, I will not be able to make.

30-05-2011, 9:01pm
Haha, well maybe you guys can still do the Sunday and I will sort something else out!

Sorry, not sure where the confusion arose, I thought I was clear on my dates (apart from not being able to make my own meet!!!!)

30-05-2011, 9:24pm
Sounds good to me. The sky is bound to be favourable eventually =)

02-06-2011, 5:33am
Trigg is just up the road for me so count me in for the Sunday - weather dependent. It's a horrible place to be with gear and an onshore wind blowing.

I'm free on Sun, but not Mon.