View Full Version : 5000 megapixel, 37000 expose image of our sky

24-05-2011, 12:53pm
Dont try this at home


Jorge Arguello
24-05-2011, 3:12pm
Wow... it looks really amazing!!! I enjoyed seeing it!

24-05-2011, 4:52pm
All I can see is a lot of noise & blown pixels :confused013

Keith Young
24-05-2011, 5:06pm
So thats what it looks like from the outer spiral arm! Thats just insane! Is that a 360x180 of our entire sky?

24-05-2011, 6:08pm
Interesting that they managed to capture the H-Alpha emissions in that section of the night sky - they must be using a IR modified camera, must have specifically captured those areas with a IR modified camera with a specialised dichroic filter and added them in the final composite.

it is a Beautiful image, displaying superb technical mastery.

24-05-2011, 6:34pm
This was an amazing effort by the photographer, from what I remember he took his dad out and used 6 Astro dedicated cameras, on a German Equatorial Mount, using Luminance, Ha, Red, Green and Blue filters.. Putting it together would have been a massive undertaking, he has done well. Ha regions being Hydrogen Alpha.

27-05-2011, 4:41am
Amazing... And beautiful.