View Full Version : Flinders Ranges tour in Sept / Oct 2011

21-05-2011, 11:46am
G'day all

We're playing with the idea of popping over to the Flinders Ranges in late-Sept / early-Oct later this year ... our dates are [slightly] flexible tho it is also the school holiday period

Q- would there be any other APers interested in a week or two meandering thru Wilpena Pound & Arkaroola???

Regards, Phil

21-05-2011, 1:39pm

In short - could be.

We are planning to go over there again in the second half of the year to continue walking on the Heysen Trail and would like to add some photography time, and also get back up to Arkaroola.

Last year we were there in late August to mid Sept but this years dates are a bit flexible.

We take our caravan, which is relatively self contained and tow it with a patrol that could be used to access tougher areas, BUT we also take our 2 dogs with us which does limit camp areas a bit